Sculpt a Tight, Lifted Butt and Toned Legs
in 30 Days with
the Hot Booty and Legs
Workout Plan!

Sculpt and Tighten in 30 Days

Do it at Home or in the Gym!

Do you want the BEST workouts to shape, lift and work your booty - and sculpt beautiful, strong legs?

Photo Jul 28, 22 27 51You're in the right place!

With this workout 6-pack, from your girl, Betty Rocker, you'll have an incredible 30-day booty and legs program that you can use ANYWHERE - with just your own bodyweight OR progress the resistance with simple dumbbells, a swiss ball and a stretchy band.

I'm sharing my best booty and leg sculpting workouts with you in this complete program and in each full-length follow along workout video, I'll motivate you, push you and encourage you to get through it with me and speed to the results you're looking for!

What are these workouts like? Take a sneak peek.....

(equipment is optional, you'll have variations with or without equipment)

Booty pillarHow do the Workouts work?

These workouts combine strengthening and sculpting moves with explosive cardio moves, so you can burn fat AND add muscle in all the right places to create the shape you're looking for.

Some of the workouts will have you working against the clock, while others will be for reps, so there is plenty of variety depending on your energy level that day.

Can I do them at home? Do I need equipment?

Yes you can! You can do all the exercises with just your own bodyweight and get a terrific result - and I'll be demonstrating exactly how to do each move!

For those of you who have some equipment at home like a swiss ball, some dumbbells and maybe a stretchy band, I'll have options for you as well so you can increase the resistance, or take these workouts to the gym.

I wanted to make sure you had the best options so you can start anytime, and do this anywhere!

How long do the workouts take?

The workouts are 20 minutes long, but the videos are a bit longer and include stretching so you can take care of your body while you're strengthening and sculpting it.

How do I turn this into a Workout Plan I can follow?

I've got you covered! I've included a 30-day Workout Calendar that has exactly which workout to do on what day, PLUS other workouts to do to maximize fat burn, balance out your training and speed up your sexy, sleek physique results!

I've included training days on your calendar for core workouts, full body workouts, yoga and some motivation as well so you can stay on track!

How fast does this work?

This starts working right away. As we strengthen our muscle and use the correct tempo and pacing structure with the right workout plan, the body responds quickly.

The most important things you can do to make this program effective are to DO THE WORKOUTS, dial in your eating, and STICK WITH THE PLAN.


What's Included?

INCLUDED: Legs and Booty Workout Guide

In this awesome little guide, you'll get valuable information and form tips for each of the workout moves so you can get MAXIMUM benefit from doing them!

Since everyone learns a little differently, it's useful to have this information written down so you can read it, as well as being able to see it and learn it with me in the videos.

You'll also have each of your workouts written out in the guide for quick and easy reference so you can browse through them to see which one you want to do.

VALUE: $47

INCLUDED: Complete Follow-Along Video Workout Program


For each complete leg and booty-sculpting workout, you'll have:

  • A tutorial video to show you exactly how to do the workout, either with just your own bodyweight, no equipment needed, OR how to add a little equipment - dumbbells, bands, and a swiss ball would be all the optional pieces you could use.
  • A full-length follow along video so you can do the entire workout with me - with motivation, direction and form tips throughout.

VALUE: $127

INCLUDED: 30 Day Workout Plan

THIS is exactly what you need to get the MOST out of your brand new Leg and Booty Program!

Start your 30 day workout program right away, and follow the format which includes links to full body, abs, and yoga workouts you can do to get a total body benefit, with an emphasis on your legs and butt!

You'll speed to results with this format, whether you're doing these workouts at home or in the gym and make amazing progress toward your goals!

VALUE: $27


Retail Price: $69

Betty Rocker FitFam DISCOUNTED Price


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Who is Betty Rocker?

Photo Oct 09, 18 37 56Betty Rocker is me! My name is Bree Argetsinger, but I’ve been called “punk rock Betty Crocker” since I was a little girl. I'm a health coach and fitness motivator, and I work with people all over the world, helping them transform from the inside out.

My passion for fitness and health developed after treating my body very badly for many years and choosing to educate myself and do the work to develop good practices based on science, my own intuition and a deep love and compassion for other people who were struggling as well.

I have mastered many aspects of health and personal development, including becoming a C.H.E.K. (Corrective Exercise and High-performance Kinesiology) certified Exercise Coach, a Nationally Certified Structural Integration Practitioner (realignment of the body through manual therapy), and I specialize in nutrition programming. I’ve written multiple cookbooks, and nutrition and fitness plans that have been successfully used by thousands of people.

My primary focus is on empowering you with the skills and knowledge you need to make the best choices for yourself - so you can achieve the result you're looking for while enjoying yourself along the way.


  • q-iconWill I get DVD's or CD's in the Mail?

    This program is 100% digital, which means portable, affordable and accessible on any device you’re on, so you can enjoy it at home or on the go. You won’t get anything shipped to you – instead, you’ll get instant access to ALL the elements of this program, the workout guide, the videos and the calendar.

    You’ll be able to use this program on ANY device – your computer, laptop, portable device or phone and you’ll have access to it forever!

  • q-iconCan I do this program at Home? Do I need equipment?

    Yes you can! You will have tutorial videos to show you how to do all the exercises with just your own bodyweight or how to use the optional equipment if you have it on hand, or want to go to the gym.

    The optional equipment you can use includes a swiss ball, small stretchy bands and dumbbells, but you’ll be able to get a killer workout with or without it!

  • q-iconI'm short on time, how long do the workouts take?

    The workouts are all about 20 minutes long. I’ll also take you through a stretching and cool down sequence at the end of each one to help with soreness and keep your muscles healthy. If you’re short on time, you can skip that part, but it is recommended for best results :)

    The first time you watch the workouts, you’ll want to review the tutorial video as well, to learn the best form and variations on the moves to do with or without equipment.

  • q-iconWill I be able to do this if I'm a beginner? How about if I'm advanced?

    Yes, these workouts are designed for all fitness levels! If you are a beginner, it is essential that you watch the special tutorial videos that come before each full-length workout video to learn the moves, variations and modifications. Always work within your limits, and pain-free. Pause the video if you need more rest, and take your time!

    If you’re advanced, I recommend using the weights and equipment and increasing the resistance and your pace to challenge yourself. The workouts challenge me, and they are very easy to make more or less difficult simply by increasing/decreasing pace or resistance (optional weight).

  • q-iconI have an injury, will you be showing modifications for it?

    It’s very important you don’t train on an injury, and always exercise without pain. Exercise creates inflammation in the muscles. On a healthy system, this load is what helps grow and define muscle, but on a weakened system it can compromise the immune system and slow down the healing process. Please check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.

    There are many modifications shown for the exercises, but it is expected that you have full ability to exercise.

  • q-iconWill these workouts make me bulky?

    These workouts combine agility, speed and strength moves in a specific workout combination designed to sculpt lean muscle and burn fat. You’ll be targeting the EXACT muscles that will both give you a defined shape and make you stronger for your daily activities and workouts.

    Using this plan will tone and strengthen your legs, and sculpt and lift your glutes.

  • q-iconHow long will it take to see results?

    Your body will start changing when you start this program. You will feel and see results very quickly – and it is sometimes hard to see your body changing if you’re looking in the mirror at yourself every day, which is why I recommend taking progress pictures every 10 days, so you can compare them side by side.

    For the BEST and FASTEST results, it’s very important you follow the 30-day program, eat well balanced, nutrient-dense meals (any of my meal plans would give you the same kind of result as me, as this is exactly how I eat and train), and STAY CONSISTENT.

  • q-iconWhat if I'm not satisfied?

    Then you will get your money back, no problem at all! If you aren’t satisfied with this program in 30 days (the full length of the plan), you can get a refund. Just write to customer service and we’ll help you!