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Do you want a tight, flat stomach - and a strong, functional core that supports every move you make?

Photo Jun 05, 3 50 27 PMWhen it comes to training your abs, you want to make sure you’re targeting all of the key layers of muscle for best results.

That’s why I like to combine a sequence of movements that includes the deep stabilizing muscles of the abs and back, as well as targeting the obliques, lower and upper abdominals.

You also need to know the proper form to use so you're not wasting your effort! It's easy to get injured if you're not sure how to position your body - and you'll see much better and faster results when you do it the RIGHT way.

I want you to have access to my BEST ab workouts - along with training videos and all the form tips you'll need to get the best results in the shortest amount of time!

Check out what the workouts are like in this sneak peek video....

Abs Pillar

How long do these workouts take?

These workouts are quick, you'll mostly do 3 round circuits, which will take you 10-15 minutes at the most!

Can I do these workouts at home? Will I need some equipment?

I do them at home! You'll have lots of bodyweight options, but having a swiss ball really allows you to get full range of motion out of the flexion/extension movements and do lots of great and supported core exercises so it's a great piece to have!

I use some light dumbbells or medicine balls in a couple of the workouts which are totally optional - you could swap in shaker cups full of water or some other weighted object you have at home.

I'll also use light weight portable resistance bands for some workouts too, which are wonderful to have around the house if you have them.

If you ever find a move that you're not sure how to modify (I try to give you good options but I don't think of everything lol) you can write me back from any of your emails and I'll help you customize it!

I've tried lots of abs exercises, but I never see my stomach change that much. How is this different?

These workouts are sequenced to specifically target the different abdominal muscles. So you'll keep your abs guessing and sculpt and shape them with the right workouts.

In order to see the abs, we must burn our fat and add lean muscle to our body. We can't spot reduce it, so just doing endless ab workouts will not change the appearance of the stomach without also eating properly and combining full body fat burning workouts, like the ones I share on my blog and in my other workout programs.

You'll also burn more fat when you start adding some lean muscle to your frame. Not "bulky" muscle - I'm talking about the muscle that gives us shape, curves and firm, lean lines.

Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, so adding some to your body with the ab workouts in this plan plus a full body fitness program will help you see the results of your work!


What's Included....

Hot Abs Workouts Tutorial Videos

In each tutorial video, you'll have a specific sequence of exercises to target your abs from all angles, so you can sculpt and define those lean lines. I'll be showing you all the moves, with variations and modifications for the tougher stuff so you can work up to it like I did!

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Hot Abs Workout Guide

Too many people waste their time doing ab workouts that aren't effective - because they're either not using good form, or they don't put their workout moves together right.

You can take all the guesswork out of the planning with these specifically sequenced workouts, plus get the step by step on how to do each move with the best form so you can get better results, faster!

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Who is Betty Rocker?

Photo Oct 09, 18 37 56Betty Rocker is me! My name is Bree Argetsinger, but I’ve been called “punk rock Betty Crocker” since I was a little girl.

I'm a health coach and fitness motivator, and I work with people all over the world, helping them transform from the inside out.

My passion for fitness and health developed after treating my body very badly for many years and choosing to educate myself and do the work to develop good practices based on science, my own intuition and a deep love and compassion for other people who were struggling as well.

I have mastered many aspects of health and personal development, including becoming a C.H.E.K. (Corrective Exercise and High-performance Kinesiology) certified Exercise Coach, a Nationally Certified Structural Integration Practitioner (realignment of the body through manual therapy), an I.S.S.A. certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and I specialize in nutrition programming.

I’ve written multiple cookbooks, and nutrition and fitness plans that have been successfully used by thousands of people.

My primary focus is on empowering you with the skills and knowledge you need to make the best choices for yourself - so you can achieve the result you're looking for while enjoying yourself along the way.


  • q-iconCan I do this at home?

    Yes, definitely. I recommend using a swiss ball, some light dumbbells (optional) and bands. I show options with or without this equipment, but having a few pieces like the ones described will help you get the most out of this program.

  • q-iconHow soon will I get my abs workouts and videos?

    Right away! As soon as you enter your billing information, you’ll receive an email with a secure login and password so you can instantly access your brand new program from ANY device. You’ll have forever access to this once you have purchased it!

  • q-iconI have a specific injury/medical condition, will you provide modifications for me?

    This program was created with something for everyone, from beginner to advanced – but like every fitness program you begin it should only be done with permission from your doctor or health care provider and there are not specific modifications for injuries. It’s very important to only exercise under a doctor’s care or someone who can assess you in person when rehabbing from an injury.

  • q-iconDo I get videos and a PDF too?

    Yes! I created a video for each complete workout where I will go over each move with you and describe the form that will help you get the most out of it and keep you safe and injury-free. Because you will most likely be at the gym when you’re doing these workouts and it’s not always convenient to watch a workout video while you’re working out I also created PDF’s for you to view on your device or print out so you can follow along easily and conveniently.

  • q-iconHow long will it take to see results?

    Your body will start responding right away. The best and fastest way to see results is to EAT a balanced nutrient-dense diet (like any of my awesome meal plans)  and combine these ab-shredding workouts with fat-burning HIIT and cardio workouts so you can melt fat and SEE the results of your hard work!

  • q-iconWill these workouts bulk me up?

    Definitely not! Strengthening your abdominal muscles, especially in these specifically sequenced workouts that allow them to balance each other and stabilize your core will help add some lean muscle to your body.

    Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does, so you’ll be contributing to losing fat and defining a more sculpted shape. Remember that muscle takes up less space than fat too, so as you lose body fat and add lean muscle, your clothes may fit differently.

    When you combine the ab-shredding workouts in this plan with the right eating and a complete workout plan, you’ll be seeing the results fast!